May 12, 2013


A Cancerous Friendship

By Shayla S


“You’re KILLING me!”

I desperately hiss.

My half-whisper half scream,

Lets me express you’ve missed.


But I don’t verbally say it:

Just leave us in a silence.

And its infinite nothing,

Sends to me, daggers of violence.


Questions, they swirl in my mind.

Cancerous, they eat me away.

Yet there is no solution, no cure,

Nothing to do or say.


Then one week later,

You break the silence, talk.

But I can’t say if it’s sincere,

An apology, or not.


Letting out what has been kept in,

I yell to all my friends.

As they tell me to calm down,

I just want the trouble to end,


Then comes the reasoning,

Talk of forgiveness, that stuff.

While I try to decide the difference,

Between substance and fluff,


What is right, what is wrong,

I stand on that line.

But so fragile, teetering with the wind,

How do I make up my mind?

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