March 21, 2012

And You Won’t (Not Just Another)

By Shayla S


You know in your heart:

They’re right.

But pride lets you think:

They’re wrong.


You hold onto what is good,

But your confidence,

Dwindles out acceptance,

To their words.


They talk and you listen;

And nod respectfully.

But you just think,

Of what could’ve gone wrong.


They tell you they’re,

“Dealing” with you.

You wonder if it even,

Actually hurt who they say it did.


They stand superior,

Separating you from,

The one you are,

Trying to mentally talk to.


You think of who you are,

Compared to how they,

Will now forever,

Think you are.


You pray for the other,

You pray for yourself,

You pray for them,

But not for who was “hurt”.


They take it seriously but seem,

Nonchalant, as if it happens all the time.

You don’t want to be seen as just another.

And you wont.

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