December 6, 2011


Can Music Hear? ♫ ❤

By Shayla S


You press play,

The journey begins.

Sounds fly to heaven.

Notes floating slowly,




Next, rushed through a machine in heaven:

Bright lights flash,

Radiant colors bounce everywhere,

Twisting and turning so rapidly,

All in the matter of a second.

Faster and faster,

Quicker and quicker!

And then,

It stops.


The music has converted to a feeling:

An emotion,

A realization,

A connector between people,

An aid for pain and suffering,

A happy sound for dancing,

A preparation for the future,

A reflection of the past.


It drifts slowly down back to earth:

To your iPod,

Your laptop,

Your radio,

Your instrument,

Or your voice.

Through those,

To your ears.

And through those,

To your soul. 


Back up in heaven,

Other music notes and sounds sit,

By their machine.

Looking from the outside in,

Hearing your reaction;


They work to help you,

In whatever situation.

They find you,

Wherever you are.


So every time you listen to music,

They touch you,

They help you,

They relate with you.

And you may not see it at first,

But they know.

They sit and listen to your soul,


Just like you listen to them.

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