August 11, 2012


How Much Does Life Cost?

By Shayla S


How much does life cost,

If people treat themselves,

As well as others,

In a friendly, loving manner?


How much does life cost,

If other people have no regard,

For their own lives,

And the lives of innocent others?


How much does life cost,

If people have the desire to,

Completely give up; discard their lives, 

And cause others pain?


How much does life cost,

And what are you supposed to do,

When you wake up to see your imagination's nightmare,

Is the horrific daytime reality?


How much does life cost,

When it is so precious you can’t price it,

Yet to some, so insignificant,

It could be thrown away?


How much does life cost?

Author's Note:

The Aurora, Colorado Movie Theater Mass Shooting of July 20, 2012 was what inspired me to write this poem. My family was in a hotel on our summer vacation the night that this happened, and we fell asleep with the TV on the news channel. My mom woke up early in the morning, telling my dad about how she had a dream about the events that were being reported on the news, and how real it was. It was devastating to find out that her nightmare, was actually our world's reality. I hope when people read this poem they will analyze the world around them in a better way, and their own actions. My heart goes out to the victims and their families, and the Aurora, Colorado community.

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