March 9, 2014


Poetic Is This Moment

By Shayla S


Gazing around with wide eyes

Filled with amazement

Like a child in a candy store,

I sit still on a pillar

Giddy with awe

Waiting for even more.


Letting the breeze blow

Along my arms, legs

Right through my hair,

My shirt fluttering in the wind,

So absorbed here,

I don’t mind if others stare.


On my left I look up

To tall, beautiful buildings

Against a lavender sky.

On my right an elegant yellow car

Expensive as can be;

I can’t help but sigh.


And as I sit here

Allowing my mind to soar,

I try to find the way 

To describe this elevated state,

This different feeling,

On this rare day.


Poetic is this moment,

Beautiful is this view,

Angelic is this place.

Euphoric is this feeling,

Solid is this experience,

Astonished is my face.


I am not from this lifestyle

Yet feel so comfortable, at ease.

Beckoning “come here, it’s safe here”,

Its welcoming arms reach out and grab me,

Reassuring me through its beauty

There is nothing to fear.


The winds blow

And with it comes inspiration;

A unique voice I have never known.

And in that time

I feel loved back by the world

Just sitting there alone.

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