June 4, 2013


Security We Will Find

By Shayla S


Here we go for a day of fun,

In a place to one, familiar, well known.

In a place to the other, foreign,

Yet our reward, similar: equally shown.


Landing on feet of uncertainty,

We step out of a car, a bus.

Who are these new people?

Will we each learn to trust?


Breaking walls of awkwardness,

We all play for awhile.

Our only mission here,

Is to bring each other to smile.


Finished with games,

We go to lunch, a meal.

And we eat together, no “us and them”,

United, is how we feel.


And as we walk, 

My hand in yours, your hand in mine,

It is in that place,

Security, we will find.


Entering a new world of knowledge,

We walk into a classroom, take a seat.

And as we each take a pen in our hands,

Time seems to skip a beat.


The world slows down,

As we teach each other new things.

The lessons we take from here,

Are as valuable as diamond rings.


We near the end, time for reflection,

If we would like, to each let our private thoughts fly,

And as we share of sacrifices, pasts, hopes and dreams,

Everyone struggles not to cry.


Tears of sadness,

Memories of home, fears of the days to come,

But also heartwarming tears,

Seeing the happiness we’ve brought each other, all the work we’ve done.


Then we pack up, 

Say our goodbyes,

Waving to one another from a bus window, 

Or from the ledge outside.


Heading home, 

We remember the amazing time we had,

Thinking of all the ways we’ve helped each other,

For everything we own, we are truly glad.


And as we remember how good it feels,

To help someone in need,

To learn from each other’s experiences and cultures,

Other’s hearts and minds to feed,


We take what we have learnt here,

This magical Saturday School place,

And try to share the same feelings,

With everyone in the human race.


Because through sharing,

My stories now yours, your stories now mine,

It is in that place,


Security, we will find.

Author's Note: I have the privilege of working with a club at my school to run a Saturday School for refugees in the Hong Kong community. This poem is meant to capture some of the feelings and experiences I've had during the Saturday School sessions.

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