May 13, 2012


The Forgotten Song of Peace

By Shayla S


Think back:

When was the last time,

You saw complete peace,

In every country?


Peace, where people got along:

Weapons didn’t threaten,

Diseases didn’t cripple,

Race didn’t matter.


Peace, where there was no hate:

Each individual was respected,

For being themselves;

For being unique.


Peace, where it didn’t matter who you were,

Where you were,

What you had,

Or the good things you did. 


The sweet song of peace,

Is often disregarded.

The music stops at a harsh point,

And is replaced with the clashing,

Sounds of violence.


But the forgotten song of peace,

Occasionally plays again.

The melody is heard,

Through small acts of kindness,

And undiscriminating love.

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