December 13, 2011


The Soul’s Home

By Shayla S


Inside your heart,

Is a soul in it’s home:

A door on the front.

It puts up its “Welcome”sign,

Or double locks itself,

With an extra gate on the front.


If you look into your heart,

And find the door of your soul,

When you pry the cold knob open,

You’ll find words floating,

Every which way.





And many more.

Slap you in the face,

As you realize:


The key to your soul,

Is to let go of the words.

Feel what it’s like,

to feel nothing at all.


Once all the words are gone,

Erased; removed from the soul;

The one feeling,

The one that remains floating,

That’s who you truly are;

How you truly feel at the moment.


Because of this,

We’ll never forget who we are.

In times of trouble, 

Take a visit to your soul’s home.

There you’ll find,

Who you truly are, 


And who you will surely become. 

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