March 6, 2017


We Are Here

By Shayla S


4 people of the same blood

3 different time zones from home

The world is ours for the exploring

We trace our footsteps on the concrete of the continents

Breathe the oxygen of another land's trees

We here are minorities

But we are here, we are here and will always be

Wherever the wind takes us

It's never once in a lifetime

We grind

rise and shine

work to earn what's mine

and we will forever leave and go, leave and go

The world is our own

The whole world is our home



Author's Note: I wrote this poem while on a sidewalk at a rest stop in Greece. I was feeling very grateful to be able to travel, considering who I am as a Black and Mexican woman and all that is happening to the people from both sides of my cultures around the world right now. Traveling is something I have had the privilege to have done so many times in my life. I am so blessed to have been able to visit more countries than I can count and have friends from all types of backgrounds. It is one of the most valuable experiences in life, and I believe traveling to better understand the cultures of others could be the solution to many world issues. If finances are not a pressing issue, I would encourage everyone, especially minorities, to not let anything or anyone deter you from traveling and exploring the greater world. This poem is a call to explore, leave and go, leave and go.







































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