November 25, 2013


Where I Want to Be

By Shayla S


Does it matter?

No, but in this moment

This building, so big

So unfamiliar, so far

Is where I want to be.


Will I get home?

Maybe, but right here

This window, so bright

So warm, so secluded

Is where I want to be.


Can they hurt me?

Sure, but I’ve hurt worse

This ledge, so inviting

So different, so peaceful

Is where I want to be.


Why do I feel this way?

Don’t know, but for now

This alone, so quiet

So reflective, so still

Is where I want to be.


Am I okay?

Yes, but this time

This rest, so calm

So thoughtful, so sincere

Is where I want to be.


Will I be alright?

Of course, but here and now

This break, so beautiful

So healing, so true


Is where I want to be.



Author's Note: I was inspired to write this poem after a bird landed on my window sill, and stayed there for the whole night. I live in a tall apartment building, so this happening is really rare. It didn't move when I got close to the glass, or made noise, and stayed there until the next morning. Something about the bird made me wanted to start writing, and this is what came out of that.


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